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Welcome to the new BizVisory & Wellness website! We are so happy to have you here!

It has certainly been a busy year since I first launched BizVisory & Wellness in early 2017. We have been partnering with key technologies, building out the wellness portal, supporting our amazing clients’ businesses, growing the team and so much more!

Often, I get the question about the name of the business and… “How can a consulting business be technology and back office consulting and also wellness?”… and my answer is always the same – We are professionals supporting our client businesses and their people. I’ve never really understood what is so odd about that.

I’ve always worked in the professional realm of business and with that, experienced the stress and ill-effects on my body and wellness and I’m sure so many of you have too.

So why wouldn’t we be a consulting practice to support client businesses with their processes, technologies, HR, payroll, accounting and everything else back office; as well as provide wellness services to our clients and their staff.

Why can’t a CPA be a CPT as well and make a difference in more people’s lives in more ways? Do processes and business objectives matter more than the humans who work day-in and day-out to make it all happen? Without people and employees, a business wouldn’t be a business, so why not invest in you peoples’ wellness as a priority?

So, what do we do? In a nutshell – We advise, guide, architect, implement, support, manage and train on back office technologies and provide supportive accounting, HR, payroll, process and business automation services; leveraging our expertise and technology partnerships as a key support partner to your business. We also provide wellness portals and customized wellness solutions to the public and employees of our client businesses.

Services Partners

The goal of BizVisory & Wellness has always been: To be the Big Picture Business Partner to our clients. Our vast array of service offerings, partnerships with top-tier technologies, subject-matter-expert best practices, first-hand experience of working in a rapidly changing business-tech age, as well as the need for nourishment of human wellness are where we look to be a game-changer and partner to You! 

Our super awesome wellness portal is not yet up and running, as we are still tweaking the user-experience to be optimal – Sign-up for news relating to the launch at Wellness Portal.

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Yours in Business and In Health –



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